Attack on media personnel wrong


THE attack on media personnel at the University of PNG (UPNG) is criminal in nature. But it is not surprising that it’s from a bunch undergraduates who have no understanding of how democracy works. Tuesday’s attack on media personnel showed that no matter how we tired to fit into modernisation, the “first contact” trait is still in some of us who cannot resort to civil and open discussions to express ourselves. Media personnel are the mouthpiece of the people, they are the messengers and they are the story-tellers. One would assume that the last place for media personnel to be spat upon is a university that hosts so-called intellects from all over the country. I hope everyone who took part in the attack realise that they have painted a picture that shows that the country’s top university is a place where all forms of sexual harassment against women are tolerated. Media personnel were only there to showcase the event to the masses and collect views on the issue and any person who has issues about the protest has the liberty to speak for themselves. The mouthpiece was there but you decided to incite a childish strike because the points raised by female students were factual and challenged you. If you do not agree with the protest, speak without inciting violence.



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