Attack on MP shows people are fed up

Letters, Normal

THE attack on the Gulf MP is a clear indication that the voters have had enough of Pitom Bombom’s lies.
In fact, Gulf MPs have nothing to show for their time in office.
There is absolutely nothing to see – no priorities in education, health, roads, etc.
We do not even have a bank.
I wonder where all the DSIP funds go to.
Every MP from the province, both past and present, should hang their heads in shame for letting the people of Gulf down.
The message for our MPs is clear: “We’ve had enough of your lies, ignorance, corruption and gluttony.”
Gulf is fast becoming the centre of attraction as it is the home of the second multi-billion LNG project, Purari hydropower and the link between the highlands and Papua region.
We need a new breed of young educated leaders with vision on how to develop and take the province to the next level.
We do not need recycled MPs who have nothing to offer except being obedient brief case carriers and yoyos.
I take this opportunity to thank the people of Kaintinba – the Kukukukus and Kameans – for giving Bombom what he deserves for wasting five years of precious time.


Jheorge W Kakoe
Vailala, Ihu