Attack on tourists slammed


A BUSINESSWOMAN says attack on tourists can affect the image of East New Britain as a tourism hub.
Sandra Lau, the owner and managing director of Tropicana, said the province generated a lot of money from tourism.
Lau was addressing students and staff at the Vunamani Farmers Training Centre in Kokopo.
“Do not attack tourists. If we do that, we are chasing tourists away,” she said.
“Tourists save a lot of money and they come to spend their money here.”
Lau said the country was ranked poorly in the world’s “places to visit” list.
“Increase in criminal activities and attack on tourists have put Papua New Guinea in the red zone,” Lau said.
“The country has now become a no-go zone.”
Lau said people needed to change their attitudes and respect tourists. “We have to say hello to them. They are here to buy our artefacts, handicrafts and our products,” she said.
East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga also warned youths last week not to engage in criminal activities.

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