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POLICE in Madang have arrested two men who allegedly tried to bribe former governor James Yali to withdraw a case he had filed against current Governor Peter Yama.
Provincial police commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang said police, after being alerted by Yali on Monday afternoon that the two were on their way back from his home after giving him some money, intercepted and arrested them. He said police found about K20,000 in cash in their car.
Yali also told police that the two men had brought to his home K10,000, but later asked him to give back K5,000 for “fuel”. He later gave the remaining K5,000 to police.
Rubiang said the two then admitted that the money was given to them by two senior public servants.
Northern End Assistant Commissioner of Police Peter Guinness said police were aware that Yali had been promised K100,000 to drop the election petition case he had filed against Yama. This was later reduced to K50,000, then to K30,000.
Guinness said they had invited Yama to the police station to discuss the matter which allegedly began in 2017.
“He should simply go to the police station and clear his name instead of going to higher courts to stop police (from doing our work),” he said.
“If the Governor thinks it’s a trivial matter, then he should talk to us to clear his name. He can’t continue on like this.”
Guinness said he was surprised to learn that two senior public servants in the province were allegedly involved in such crime.
“I will get to the bottom of the whole saga to ensure those responsible are held accountable,” he said.
He said those arrested would have their chance to defend themselves in court. But the allegation that senior public servants were involved “shows how sick-minded public servants are (not practising) good governance”.
“It lowers our dignity to provide and support our subordinates in providing better services to the public,” Guinness said. “Public servants (down the line) will lose confidence and trust in their top management for guidance and advice.”


  • honestly what is the matter with our leaders and law enforcers. PNG will not see its maximum growth of economy because of corruptions. We are sick and tired, not long will have a war against our own.. that’s another story.

  • Peter Yama, the governor himself is behind it all, so have him interviewed and arrested. The poor public servants and those two thugs are only carrying out his (Peter Yama’s orders

  • Finally, buying his way out has caught up with him. Mr Court Case. Interesting, what goes around comes around!

  • Peter Yama is the senior/ old politician in the country and he is exactly knew what he is doing. May be such act is normal to our old leaders and it’s not surprise to see high rate of corruption in our developing country. This very thing slowing development of this young country.

  • The police should simply drive over to his (Yama) house and have him arrested instead of sending notices for him to come over to the police station. Corruption ya, inap ya yupla, inap. Papa God please help.

  • This crook does not deserve to be representing the people of Madang. He has proven to harbor evil and self-serving intentions. All indications are that he has done wrong during elections and is desperately trying to fight for political survival. Desperate people employ desperate measures to cling onto power, regardless of how flimsy it may be. Just indict the whole lot of them and get the crooks behind bars where they deserve to be.

  • Em true ya no one is above the Law na ol displa kain lain ya ol usim money blong Public na traim best long securim ol yet so ol mas noken go long kalabus na painim way long go free na taim turangu wanpla man blong ples mekim wanpla liklik hevi ol Police bai same speed kamap long spot na demandim em long kam forward na taim em showup ol save kilim em gut true na why not ol mekim wankain tu long ol kain lain olsem bai fair. Man, ol people blong Madang inoken tru eyepass gen.

  • So we also have white collar crime leaders doing corruption in brought day light. Who do we put our trust on now? Hunger power at its best. Some leaders have their own hidden motives soon as they enter their glory, saying mi pastem pipol biaen.

  • Yama is not new to his evils of the past, Madang as a whole must be blamed for putting him back on show. Don’t cry over a spilt milk. Next taim votim gut man husait igat bel na blut tru blong Madang to make Madang things Madang way

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