Attempted murder suspects granted bail

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CHINESE nationals Changjiang Gao and Xue Zhufu arrested for the attempted murder of businessman Jason Tan were released on a K2,000 bail at the Waigani Committal courts last Friday.
Magistrate Fred Tomo made this order after bail applications were launched by the duo’s lawyer Michael Wilson of Warner Shand Lawyers.
The court heard police informants responsible for the “high profile” case had not gathered sufficient information to file a police hand out brief, stalling the case.
Police prosecution informed the court that investigations on the case had been stalled due to police focus on operations to recapture the Jan12 breakout escapees.
“We have not had the opportunity to talk to the police informant due to the ongoing police operations, this is a high profile case and so the prosecution objects to bail,” the police prosecutor said.
But Mr Wilson said police were “lazy with a no-care attitude” to a sensitive case. 
“Six weeks in jail on charges that are unsubstantiated to date is deplorable, I object to the adjournment and ask that the case be struck out,” he said.
Magistrate Tomo said although allegations involved firearm, he had not seen anything to show that firearms had been used.
He said firearms could have been used but at the moment no official information had been presented to court by police.
He allowed bail because “section 46, subsections 46, of the Criminal Code very strongly allow for bail in cases as such”.
Both men are required to follow bail conditions; not to travel out of the nation’s capital while proceeds of the case is pending, also not to interfere with any State witnesses, to remain at the address given by their lawyer, and to report every Friday, to the Waigani Committal courts registry.