Attend SBE training, teachers told


TEACHER who are not confident of delivering the new standard-based education curriculum should attend an in-service training workshop, says Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra.
Kombra was responding to concerns raised by a group of teachers in Port Moresby that they had not received enough training on the new curriculum and not confident or competent to implement it.
Kombra said the in-service training was ongoing in schools which they conducted during the school holidays to up-skill teachers.
“There was a national in-service week on the SBE for all teachers in June last year which every teacher undertook. Schools were directed to continue the training for their teachers during the school holidays.”
“Schools and head teachers had been reminded to identify their teachers, their weaknesses and challenges in teaching. One area was the SBE and conduct in-service training for their teachers,” Kombra said.
He had earlier said training was vital to the implementation of the new programme initiative, and the training was to ensure teachers practise it in their teaching.
“The success of the standard-based education curriculum depends on teachers and training,” he said. Kombra said the new system would be a national standard or benchmark which every child must pass to qualify for the next grade or level.
Teachers have to provide a description of what a child is able to do, and help him or her achieve the required standard before going into the next grade.