Attitude biggest obstacle, Sir Paulias says

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 THE biggest obstacle to service delivery and development sustainability in the country is attitude, Grand Chief Sir Paulias Matane said in Kokopo.

While thanking the government and its leadership for driving new initiatives and promoting its priorities by delivering priority services to the people, he said the greatest challenge that appeared as a problem was the people’s attitude towards vital services and development.

“So far the government is doing a good job in delivering services to the people, especially in education and health but one of the biggest problems is the people’s attitude towards these services being delivered,” Sir Paulias said.

“We still have so much to do in regard to this. I am disappointed with how we are living.

“When are we going to learn to start living our lives as true followers of Christ.” 

He called on people who keet disrespecting public property and causing problems to stop.

“We can achieve more positive things if we start living the right way. 

“We receive what we give so let us start practising respect for each other and the things and services that are here for our benefit,” he said.