Audit Hela Transitional Authority account

Letters, Normal

I AM airing this concern for the shake of the majority of the Hela people.
It is obvious that millions of kina are being pumped into the Hela Transitional Authority’s account.
The latest was the allocation of K30 million.
The people of Hela have the right to know how the funds are being used.
Apart from this, the people also have the right to know how the electoral funds have been used.
So much money has been allocated to this proposed province but, so far, the people have not seen any tangible services or development projects which the people can benefit from.
So where has all the money gone?
The chairman for Hela Transitional Authority and Member for Tari-Pori, James Marape, together with his two secretaries, Joe Degemba and Petrus Thomas, must explain to the people.
There needs to be more transparency and accountability of the HTA funds.
The Southern Highlands government, MPs, Hela leaders and the public must stand united and make sure transparency and accountability prevail at all time.
The people of Hela are suffering despite huge amount of money being allocated to the region.
As such, I believe it is necessary and timely that an audit team is sent there to scrutinise the account.


Gibson Gini
Tari, Hela