Audit NID project


WHILE commending the effort of the Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry (PNGCIR) in getting only 2.5 million people registered under the national identification (NID) programme, the deputy registrar further went on to say that the lack of funding had deterred them from getting many people registered.
I understand that the previous O’Neill government had committed K400 million for NID and they are asking for funding.
Can the Government engage a reputable accounting firm to audit their books?
As a concerned taxpayer, I am very concerned about the running of this office.
Furthermore, the charging of lost NID and birth certificates of K250 is too excessive for an ordinary citizen.
A lost passport and lost driver’s license cost K100 and K80 respectively and I do not understand why K250 is charged.
The services provided are all at a snail’s pace.
Come on PNGCIR and NID!
Wake up and provide better services at reasonable amounts of money.
Still to date, the queues at the PNGCIR office are long.
It is frustrating.

Frustrated Citizen,