Audit school, sack principal


THE directive from the Government is that all the schools in the country should not charge students because the Government will pay the fees.
At the beginning of this academic year, we (parents) followed the instructions and paid our component.
So what sort of parents’ contribution is Port Moresby’s Gordon Secondary School principal talking about?
The principal, in yesterday’s The National, said the school received its first and second subsidy payments and used them all on water and electricity bills, which is a mere speculation.
How could the learned principal spend all the funds – first and second subsidy payments – on water and electricity bills only?
This is unbelievable.
This is why the school’s account needs to be audited.
This principal lacks management skills and needs to be replaced.
If water and electricity cost a lot of money, the best way to go about it is to cut water and electricity usage.
The electricity expense of K15,000 per month and water bill total of K7,000 per month, as reported by the principal, is too much.
Apply some common sense.
Maybe there are many relatives living and using up water and electricity in teachers’ houses.
Maybe the lights are not being switched off when they are supposed to be switched off.
Maybe the air conditioning is not turned off when it is not in use.
Maybe computers are not shut down when knocking off for the day.
These are some of the things the principal should strictly adhere to and follow.
Little things matter.
I am calling on the Education Department to audit the school account for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Concerned Parent,