Audit schools in settlements


ELEMENTARY schools in settlements need to be audited.
Many are depriving children’s rights education.
Teachers in charge and the boards are allegedly misusing funds to benefit their families while our children are suffering.
Our children are treated like chickens in the farm, overcrowded in rundown and incomplete classrooms.
This is psychologically affecting our children’s learning.
Where is all the project fees and TFF (Tuition Fee Free) funds?
Those of you who are involved in such corrupt and criminal act should be ashamed.
What kind of parent are you?
You are stealing from public funds to feed your children.
Elementary schools are important because this is where our children first set their foot in the education system.
TFF coordinators should tighten up the acquittal system.
Parents and innocent teachers must not keep silent, our children’s education is very important.
We must all fight this corruption for the betterment of our children’s education.

Concern Parent

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