Audit urged for district and provincial funds


GOILALA MP William Samb says the auditor-general must conduct independent audits into acquittals of district and provincial funds submitted to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD).
He said this yesterday after presenting 2015 and 2016 Goilala district services improvement programme funds to the DIRD.
“One of the important things for Government is to adequately fund the Auditor-General’s Office,” Samb said.
“This is so they can do an independent audit of the DSIP acquittals for every district in the country.
“This is important to ensure check and balances in the report.
“This ensures that what’s being acquitted and presented to the DIRD reflects what’s really happening on the ground.
“There needs to be some confidence in the acquittal reports districts submit.”
Samb said the current trend of districts submitting their acquittals to DIRD without an independent audit would see some bias.
“We (Goilala) have acquitted the K6 million we received in 2015, as well as the K9.5 million we received in 2016,” he said.
“We have submitted our acquittals to the DIRD.
“I think responsible agencies that are entrusted to look into prudent management of fundsneed to do independent audits into the acquittals of every district and province.”