Aufa hailed for his work as acting parlt clerk


THE 10th Parliament was successfully delivered under very controversial circumstances because of the leadership of acting Clerk to Parliament Kala Aufa, his deputy Basil Kambuligan says.
In a ceremony to welcome the reinstatement of Clerk Vela Konivaro by the National Court yesterday in Port Moresby, Kambuligan said the delivery of the 10th Parliament was controversial and challenging.
“This is because there was a possible constitutional crisis created during the first sitting when our elected members gathered to elect the prime minister and form the government,” he said.
“We had two members for the Gumine Open electorate in Simbu, and other issues surrounding the election of the prime minister. (It) was successfully managed and delivered under the leadership of the acting clerk Kala Aufa.
“We are pleased to say that we have made some milestone achievement under the leadership of the acting clerk.
“And (now) that we have our permanent clerk reinstated, we will be working as a team to restore the integrity and standing orders of Parliament which is the number one priority of our speaker.”

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