Aussie accused of receiving K130,000 in salaries without proper visa

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AUSTRALIAN Shaun Anthony Carden, charged with two counts of stealing more than K130,000 from his employer, will return to the Waigani Committal Court on Nov 21 for ruling on sufficiency of evidence.
Magistrate Paul Nii heard submissions yesterday. The Queenslander, 62, of Wongaling Beach, was alleged to have received salaries through false representation without a proper working visa for his purported employment with International Education Agency (IEA) PNG.
Police alleged that between Jan 2 and June 26, 2019, K134,261.17 was paid illegally to Carden by IEA as his fortnightly salaries when he was yet to start employment.
Carden, through his lawyer, submitted that the court must exclude all the witness statements because they were inadmissible, exclude all the evidence obtained from the search warrant because it (warrant) was not administered properly, therefore, illegal, and the court to refuse all evidence tendered under the Migration Act.
Carden submitted that before the court proceeded to the elements of the charge, it should be certain that materials surrounding it must be properly before the court and that the money that was stolen was not something that was capable of being stolen because it was money paid to him for his services rendered per his employment (to IEA).
Carden submitted that the IEA had contractual obligations to pay the money, saying that fraudulent intent was a state of mind and that there was no evidence by police to infer any criminal intent.