Aussie doctors ‘regrow’ arm of Bialla man

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A MAN from Bialla in West New Britain last week received medical assistance from a team of specialist doctors from Australia, which was in Rabaul recently.
The doctors from Tamworth, outside Sydney, successfully performed an operation to re-grow the right arm muscle of the man who was seriously injured in a boat accident.
The man, Fred Lowa, from the Hoskins area in Bialla had received injuries to his right arm when two boats collided in the Open Bay waters of the Lassul Baining local level government area in June this year.
Lowa had received deep cuts to his right limb and body and could not use his arm.
The patient was admitted to the Nonga Base Hospital but his condition had not improved until he was taken to Vunapope Hospital for the operation last week.
Lowa was taken to Vunapope by the managing director of Tropicana Ltd Sandra Lau.
Lau, after learning of the visit to the hospital by Dr  Robert Sharp and his team, decided to take Lowa there.
Sharp, on Friday, said Lowa’s case had been a delicate one that needed careful and expert medical attention because the surgery needed careful rejoining of the muscle veins to the patient’s right arm.