Aussie High Commission dream run under scrutiny

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The National, Friday 27th January 2012

AUSTRALIAN High Commission (AHC) One dream start to the New Year will be tested again when they face heavyweights BSP One in NCD private companies netball competition on Sunday.
AHC shocked Air Niugini last Sunday with an 18-12 win giving the Aussie women plenty of confidence to face the bankers in the premier division.
Air Niugini’s poor start continued with their second loss and this weekend face Fairdeal.
Bank South Pacific were nearly shown the butchers knife when Fairdeal pushed them beyond their limits but a cool attitude from the bankers enabled them a 18-16 win.
Goal shooters Jacklyn Hape and Renagi Mulina will be relied on heavily to get their side to an early lead with some accurate goal shooting.
Goal defenders Patricia Morris and Cecilia Agelavu will have a lot on their plate and will try and stop AHC One goal shooters Dana Rich and Mary Kule Age from scoring points. 
Two matches from game five have been rescheduled after the heavy down pour last Sunday. The games were between Veupunama One and Datec and Brian Bell and NPS One.
Competition executives said teams been disqualified for “no show” or forfeitures and the division allocations had been revised and this was reflected in this Sunday’s draw.
The executives have also allowed for catch-up games. They have decided the games will be played after the completion of round one.