Aussie naval ships in PNG raise suspicions

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014

 YOU  cannot help but to ask the real reason behind Australians anchoring their naval ships, HMAS Benalla and HMAS Shepparton in the waters between Buka Island and Torokina.

Afterall, that is close enough to Manus.

Is that  of no concern for us Papua New Guineans?

You  have  to  be  naive  to  believe it.

Is  the  timing  a coincidence after the trouble in the asylum camp in Manus?  Do you  not think that trouble is still brewing in the camp?

Do you not  think that the Aussies are expecting some problems and cannot put their faith on the local security company? 

The  Aussies say that a survey needs to be done for unexploded World War II bombs.

What a bright idea. Sounds like the bombs are floating around the surface.

What damage can a bomb 200 metres down on  the  seabed do?

I do not think that is the real reason.


Jason Oliver 

Port Moresby