Aussie schools look for pupils

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The National, Monday 15th April, 2013

 STUDENTS interested in studying overseas can look no further as Blackheath and Thornburgh College in North Queensland, Australia is looking for prospective students.

Located at Charters Towers, 135 km inland from Townsville, the school boasts 22 teachers and 200 students of which nine are from Papua New Guinea.

A college with high academic and moral standards complete with a quiet and friendly environment, the country school is the perfect institution for those who would rather avoid a noisy and bustling city life.

“Our school is over 90 years old and a lot of Papua New Guineans have passed through since then. I recommend this college for parents who want quality education for their children,” BTC registrar Nigel Fairbairn said.

“There are no further grade requirements for students, all they need to do is to pass a grade before moving on to the next.” 

Fairbairn said his office is willing to assist students and parents with documents like visas or student registration. 

Those interested can contact Nigel Fairbairn on +61 418 783 690, Carrie Bignell +61 747 875 100 or email [email protected]