Aussie student promises 12 computers to school


KUTA Primary School in Mt Hagen will receive 12 computers from a student attending the James Cook University (JCU) in Australia.
Jack Growden, who is attached with the planning school at JCU, committed the computers to the school after seeing lack of computer literacy among the students at Kuta.
Ten James Cook University students visited Mt Hagen last year and another 10 this year for research purposes.
Growden was among the first group of students last year.
This year, he spent his own money to visit Kuta, along with the second group of JCU students.
On Sept 16, as the nation was celebrating Independence, Growden presented his laptop to the school and committed 12 new computer sets as an Independence gift.
Kopi councillor Peter Raim stressed the importance of computer literacy.
“This research programme arranged by the university and the government of Australia is helping to assist students of Mt Kuta, through people like Jack Growden,” he said.
“Last year, the community received 10 university students and this year another.
“Next year, we will have 12 students coming in September.”