Aussies take on Kokoda in family adventure


AN Australian man and his two sons have had the adventure of a lifetime along the famous Kokoda Trail.
Anthony Hambleton and sons Daniel and Mathew, with 13 other trekkers from Australia and local porters, arrived at the Owers’ Corner in Sogeri at midday on Wednesday following an eight-day trek from Kokoda in Northern.
All 16 trekkers were from semi-professional Gungahlin Jets AFL Club, based in Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory.
Hambleton said it was their first time to PNG and trekking Kokoda was an experience they would treasure in life.
“The experience of Kokoda is absolutely amazing,” he said.
“As members of a footy club, we thought we were prepared to beat the challenge of walking Kokoda.
“However, the challenge of walking through the jungle and across the mountains and rivers, is just unbeatable. That is the ultimate adventure.”
His sons Mathew and Daniel, and the other 13, expressed similar sentiments.
“Kokoda is just amazing and the experience is second to none,” Mathew said.
The 16 trekkers were the first lot to walk Kokoda this year after the trekking season opened for 2019.
Their trek was organised by No Roads Expedition, a tour company based in Australia and PNG. They flew back to Australia yesterday.