Aust doctors preparing for rural NIP

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MORE doctors from Australian Doctors International (ADI), a charitable organisation specialising in rural integrated health patrols, will work in New Ireland from next month.
This follows a request by Governor Sir Julius Chan, and the ADI said it would start services next month.
ADI has been working in the country especially in the rural outskirts of Western for the past nine years.
ADI general manager Delene Evans acknowledged the request by Sir Julius through the NIPG for sponsoring and making it possible for them to be in the province.
She said volunteer doctors and managers were provided by ADI while NIPG helped with vehicles and accommodation.
The ADI will specifically provide volunteer doctors and health managers to carry out medical treatment, community health education and training.
She said the service provided would help to improve lives, reduce suffering, protect against illness and diseases and enhance the skills of local health workers.
She said 11 volunteers would be in the province for eight months from next month.
Evans said they would spend three days at each aid post and were positive of being able to visit all rural health centres within eight months.
She said the main problem in the province was the shortage of doctors in rural health centres.