Aust, PNG working together to meet biosecurity standard


THE Australia and Papua New Guinea governments are working together to put biosecurity measures in place to meet standards, according to Minister for Commerce and Industry Wera Mori.
He attributed this to the 34th Australia-PNG Business Conference in Brisbane in April where a bilateral quarantine protocol was developed to facilitate exports.
This is geared at allowing more opportunities for export in the agriculture sector.
“Biosecurity has been a major concern in Papua New Guinea,” Mori said.
“We are currently liaising with the Australian government to put biosecurity protocols in place so that the standards are met.
“With the bilateral agreement, the Australians can come in and train our staff so that we meet their standards, rather than working on our own trying to meet their standards.
“For places like Chimbu, which is full of rocks, avocadoes, apart from sweet potatoes and other food, can be grown and be exported.
“Avocadoes can have economic value.”
Mori said with help from the Australian High Commission, the Government was now able to carry out negotiations on bio-security issues.

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