Aust urged to inform govt when centre will close


PAPUA New Guinea is now waiting for the Australian Government to advice when it will close down the Manus Processing Centre.
Richard Maru, speaking in his capacity as former National Planning and Monitoring minister, told a media conference at APEC Haus on Monday after the Australia-PNG Ministerial Forum that the courts have decided to close down the Manus Processing Centre.
“We want the Australian government to tell us when the most convenient time is but we cannot go on and on.
“Our government has other plans for the facility as well and its incumbent on our Australian friends that they do not necessarily have to give an answer today but they need to understand that our government is keen on the closing down of the Manus as soon as possible, consistent with the decision of the courts we have to respect that,” Maru said.
Australian Immigration Minister David Coleman said PNG had closed the centre at Manus Island and moved the refugees out.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Soroi Eoe said PNG needed Australian government support to ensure that the Asylum seekers who were still around in the country were sent back to whatever country they come from.

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