‘Australia committed to help expand services’


AUSTRALIA is committed to work closely with other development partners like Asian Development Bank to develop and services to the people.
Australian High Commissioner, His Excellency Brus Davis said this on Sunday at Tambul district headquarter and also at Kotna health center in the Dei district when he visited the sites.
The new rural district hospitals would be built through joint venture programme with AusAID.
Three district hospitals would be built in Tinsely in Mul/Baiyer district, Tambul, and Kotna.
Davis said health was one of the important programme that his government had taken on board to fund.
He said building materials had arrived in the province last week.
Member for Tambul/Nebilyer and Vice Minister for Treasury Win Dakri Daki commended AusAID for their continuous support over the past.
Daki said the new hospital funded would benefit 96,000 people from Tambul/Nebilyer district and people living in neighboring provinces like Upper Mendi in Southern highlands, Kandep and Tsak Valley in Enga.
Daki said that as part of the counter funding, his District Development Authority allocated K2 million last year and would present it to the AusAID.