Australia, give us time, respect

Letters, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

IT is very interesting to note that the Australians are forcing the PNG and Nauru go­vernments to fast track the reopening of the asylum seekers’ processing centres.
Australia must remember that these two countries are sovereign nations, despite their size.
Giving both countries a timeline is unacceptable where democratic diplomacy is concerned.
This has undermined PNG and Nauru’s sove­reignty, especially in bila­teral and multi-lateral negotiations.
Pressing issues have to be solved internally in PNG before accepting in­ternational refugees.
Issues such as benefit-sharing between the people and the government, the costs of running the facilities, long term benefits and whose interests we are serving need to be discussed.
It may take months or years.
Please respect us and do not rush us.

Eric Mumson Piuk
Port Moresby