Australia to work with PNG to address climate change issues

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Australia and Papua New Guinea have agreed to work together to address climate change and environmental issues affecting the two countries.
Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change John Pundari met with his Australian counterpart Josh Freydenberg and Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Julia Bishop in Australia last week and discussed climate change and environmental issues concerning the two countries.
“As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise across the globe, the possibility of disastrous climatic weather events such as torrential rains, droughts and extreme temperatures will also increase and we need to be better prepared for such events in PNG,” Pundari said.
“For this reason my discussions with Freydenberg focused on ways in which our two countries will work together to lessen the risk and the effects of such events on our people and our country.”
The two ministers agreed to a draft an action plan between PNG and Australia that will see the two governments affirm their commitment to work together to advance effective action on climate change protection.
“In order to advance this commitment, the Australian government has agreed to assist our Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) to develop the capacity of our national, provincial and local governments to address the impact of climate change,” Pundari said.

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