Australian Federal Police presents NCD with six vehicles

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THE Australian Federal Police gifted six of their vehicles to the National Capital District police’s crime investigation division (CID) yesterday.
When receiving the vehicles from mission commander Asst Comm of Police (ACP) Amanda Kates and her senior officers at the Boroko police station, NCD/Central divisional commander ACP Anthony Wagambie Jr said he expected the CID to improve their performance.
“I am very grateful for the assistance. We need criminal cases to be investigated well, court files prepared and prosecuted,” ACP Wagambie said.
“It is one thing accusing, apprehending and arresting but we need to have proper investigations with court files prepared for presentation to the courts.
This will ensure that we gain convictions.
“I expect better performance from our NCD CID.”
ACP Wagambie said it would go a long way in assisting the CID in carrying out their investigations into serious crimes such as murder, break and enter, stealing, car thefts, sexual offences and other serious indictable offences.
“CID Boroko comprises various squads assigned to specific types of crimes and have a large workload, especially when it comes to follow-up investigations and arrests. It is an area which needs a lot of attention.
“Stolen motor vehicles are used to commit other crimes.
The motor squad which deals with this were without a vehicle, and they were forced to borrow from other units (and) as a result, many of their investigations were stalled,’’ ACP Wagambie said.
The Forensic Crimes Unit received a vehicle. ACP Wagambie said he was grateful that the Forensic Crimes Unit got a vehicle to assist in their work.
Units that received vehicles were motor squad, break-in squad, general squad, NCD fraud squad, and sexual offences squad.


  • Measures must be in place to protect these vehicles. Police drivers and other officers who damage or misuse these vehicles should not be allowed to walk free. When police officers become conscious of these measures, they will then look after the vehicles. Thank you to the taxpayers of Australia for your undying support for PNG and may this gesture treasured always.

  • Thanks GoAussie. PNG police personals should NOT abuse these vehicels by loading their spouse/s kids and relatives in them. Shame yah. Buy yoour own private vehicles to load your hauslines in not official vehicles. RESPECT such foreign gifts.

  • 6 vehicle equivalent to K1.3M worth vehicle paid by Australian taxpayers. Thank you hard working Australian tax payers.
    I don’t want to speak of all the negatives that might happen to this vehicles but hope it is put to good use.
    Some kind of responsibility must be place on the custodian/drivers.

  • Thanks Australia for your continue support to the people of PAPUA NEW GUINEA. PNGRC is to ensure these vehicles are used for the indented purpose than misusing and damaging. We saw one five door being crashed by one officer along the central highway.

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