Australian-listed company completes survey in Gulf


Mayur has completed a regional light detection and ranging survey of its assets in Gulf.
High resolution imagery recorded by the survey will be processed to deliver an accurate, gridded digital terrain model at the Depot Creek and Orokolo Bay to enable accurate resourcing and reserving work to be completed.
The terrain model will also be used for infrastructure and associated mine planning activities as part of the ongoing feasibility study at Orokolo Bay and for planning the next phase of diamond core drilling at Depot Creek.
The survey was completed by Trans Wonderland.
Mayur managing director Paul Mulder said “the completion of the Lidar survey is an important step in de‐risking both projects and addresses the gaps we had with the existing topographic data”.
“Our resource geologists and mine planners can now move forward with confidence with resource and reserve estimation work as well as with mine designs and infrastructure configuration.”
Mayur Resources is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)‐listed company focused on the development of natural resources in the country.
According to the company, its asset portfolio include industrial minerals, power generation, coal, copper and gold. Its assets are located on or near to the coast for easy development access and future access to seaborne markets.