Australian urologists visit hailed a success

Lae News, Normal


THIRTY-two patients with urological disorders were given the chance to a normal life after a team of urologists visited Morobe province last week.
Of the 32 patients, 22 males were treated for prostate problems while the others had stricture, fistula and growth mass complications.
National Urologist Dr Osborn Liko described the visit as successful as well as emotional because many of these patients had to wait for months, before a specialist was available.
He said it was a joy to see patients rid of their disorders and to be able to pick up their lives and carry on with normal activities.
The visited to Angau memorial hospital included medical officers from Australia.
They were, team leader Dr Donald Moss, anesthetist Dr Ross Philip and nurse Joy Taylor.
Dr Moss is a senior urologist in Australia with 35 years of experience.
He was also mentor to Dr Liko when he studied to become an urologist in 1999.
The team’s visit was made possible through funding by AusAID and coordination by Australian College of Surgeons under a programme called Tertiary Health Services (THS) which was launched in 2000.
Under the THS programme, 15 urologist visits were made to hospitals throughout the country.
The visit made to the province last week, was the last one under the THS programme.
A new programme, health education and clinical services (HECS) is due to start soon.
This programme would focus on training and teaching of health workers and students.
Dr Osborn said funding would also be allocated for specialist visits under the HECS programme.
He thanked everyone who was involved in the success of the THS programme and the medical officers who had supported him.
The team left last Saturday, after a week in the province.