Author compares creation with science

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The National, Friday April 4th, 2014

 A LOCAL author is writing about the relationship between the biblical story of creation and the Big Bang theory, but seen from different point of views.

Ray Maino draws similarities between the biblical creation and the Big Bang theory.

These two perspectives have been splitting humanity by pulling it in two opposite directions, he said.

These theories must be properly addressed in order to bring understanding to the general population otherwise it will lead man kind to doom and destruction, he said.

There is definitely no profound destiny to which humanity should be moving if these views remain unsolved, he said.

According to Wikipedia, the Big Bang theory is a prevailing scientific mod l for the early development of the universe.

The theory states that the Big Bang occurred about 14 billion years ago where the universe was in an extremely dense and hot state and expanded rapidly.

Then it cooled sufficiently to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles.

Over thousands of year these particles formed neutral atoms which eventually combined under gravity to form chemical elements which formed stars and galaxies.

Maino’s book Principles of Light Age, which he is currently working on, has details and comparisons of the similarities between these two opposing views and brings to the readers a possible conclusion, that they maybe related, he said.

He urged the people to look at the biblical creation and the Big Bang theory and come to a common understanding, he said.

Only then will the whole creation become one and we will be able to define our universal goal, he said.