Authority allocates land to university

Health Watch

THE Morobe health authority has allocated land to the Divine Word University (DWU) to build a dormitory for its medical students doing clinical studies at Angau Memorial Hospital, officials say.
Departmental head of bachelor in medicine, bachelor in surgery of the faculty of medicine and health sciences, Prof Jerzy Kuzma, said this building would accommodate medical students training during night shifts.
He said the authority had been accepting medical students from DWU for clinical blocks since last year.
“The students are coming for five 8-week rotations in the main clinical disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, emergency and anaesthesia,” he said.
“Each rotation is completed by a written theory exam and clinical exam to evaluate whether each student achieved the required knowledge and competency to provide safe care for the patients.
“The recent agreement is about the land allocation for the dormitory to facilitate them.”
Prof Kuzma said the plan was to start with one dormitory building containing all necessary facilities such as a tutorial room, laundry, kitchen and dining room.
“In the strategic plan, we intend to progress the development of the clinical school at Angau Memorial Hospital which naturally will involve building administrative buildings and more facilities.”