Authority doesn’t need more money


THIS relates to the Tourism Promotion Authority’s (TPA) request for funding to create a domestic tourism base.
The authority has been in business for years and has not achieved much at all.
I challenge the authority to show the taxpayers of this country exactly what they have achieved over the years.
If there was a domestic tourism industry, it would surely already be in place and thriving, considering there has been little or no focus on the in-bound international business due to the Coronavirus
(Covid-19) restrictions.
TPA spending hundreds of thousands kina running a TV commercial on a domestic TV network is a sign that they have no idea what they are doing.
What audience are they targeting?
Can the TPA tell the people of this country where and what international markets and networks are seeing this TV commercial?
Until this issue is sorted out, no amount money will make any difference.

Balimo Wabea