Authority not funded


THE Erave local level government (LLG) Special Purpose Authority mysteriously remains unfunded 13 years after its establishment by the Government and subsequent proclamation by the governor-general on April 16, 2007.
Papua New Guinea owes much of its survival to resource projects such as the Gobe petroleum project.
When the Julius Chan government floated the kina in the 1990s it took a gamble that to this date remains debatable, given the back drop of the appalling depreciation of kina against world’s major currencies.
Thankfully Gobe and Kutubu petroleum projects were already bringing in much needed revenue.
After more than two and half decades of these two projects being in operation, one would believe the project areas would be enjoying better services such as roads, schools, health centres and so on.
Sadly this is not so.
People are dying from curable diseases, children remain wondering the bushes outside of classrooms and people are trekking long distances in search of services.
Kutubu Special Purpose Authority is operating and delivering these services as evident from news reports.
On the other hand Erave Special Purposes Authority remains unfunded and not operational after it was established by the National Executive Council on April 5, 2007.
Can the prime minister tell the Erave people why this SPA is not operating?
Prime Minister please right the wrong while you have that responsibility.
Have Erave LLG SPA funded and operational so the SPA can play its role to help alleviate the hardships Erave people have been facing.