Authority notes significant decrease in sea accidents

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THE number of people and boats involved in accidents at sea has decreased significantly this year, an official says.
The National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) safety, search and rescue department manager Peter Bell attributed it to more awareness conducted by the authority in regards to safety at sea. Bull said the other reason was the restrictions on travel imposed in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“In September, we had five marine incidents in which 56 passengers were involved,” he said.
“We recovered 50, three still missing and three deceased.
“The message is to take precaution very seriously during bad weather and not to overload.
“There’s a black triangle on the boat.
“Water level should not be above that.”
Figures obtained from the NMSA safety search and rescue department showed 88 accidents involving small boats in 2017.
There were 608 persons involved, with 518 rescued, 10 injured and 80 died.
There were 30 ships involved in accidents with 534 passengers and 512 rescued.
In 2018, there were 146 cases of small boats where 954 people were involved, 790 rescued, 141 lost and 18 casualties.

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