Authority should investigate the closure of rural health centre


THIS is an appeal letter requesting East Sepik Health Authority to look into the abandonment and destruction of a vital public amenity on Ruprup Island in Wewak, East Sepik.
Can someone in the health hierarchy, regardless of position, rank, duty or whatsoever, a person who has a selfless heart with deep public concern for the people, reading this piece of vital information extend my plea and investigate and help our rural people?
Firstly, some brainless hooligans and selfish minorities from Biem Island, led by their illiterate ward councilor, ransacked this Government asset two years ago.
Nothing has been done about this.
Looking after public properties is everyone’s business and responsibility.
This matter is visible and heard by everyone, however, it takes too long to pursue.
Personally, I can’t understand why our leaders, especially our two ward councilors, village court magistrates and a retired police prosecutor can’t handle this.
Village people are illiterate, marginalised and their way of living is coupled with many hindrances.
It is very difficult for them to seek instant justice.
Location and funding are major issues in rural areas.
I am calling upon the State (East Sepik Health Authority), as custodian of this property, to step in and help.
Do not sit and wait or expect formal complaints to be lodged by these marginalised people.
Media has played an important role and helped us in so many ways. This a chance for us to report this matter of public concern.
Use whatever resources are available and assist them.
Destroying public utilities is a threat and an insult to the community. It also undermines the capability of the State.
The most critical concern is the Public Service Commission should step in and investigate.
Prior to this destruction, there was an aid-post orderly (APO) manning this aid-post.
He left a long time ago for unknown reasons.
It’s more than 20 years now and our people have lived without a doctor.
I call upon authorities to investigate if this position is still being paid.
If no action is taken to cease processing and remitting of salary to this position within the National Health Department’s payroll system, it would be a huge waste of taxpayers’ money.
This was the only aid-post that provided the health service to the people of Biem, Ruprup and Kadovar islands (currently affected by volcano).
This vital Government service is in a deteriorating state, recklessly abandoned by a public servant and damaged by a ward councilor.
Both are duty-bound individuals.
Can health authorities investigate?

Hanam Bill Sandu
Concerned Islander

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