Authority using leftover funds to fix roads

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LAE District Development Authority is cementing deteriorated road sections and streets using available funds from 2018 while waiting government funding.
Chief executive officer Robin Calistus said the feeder streets within city roads falls under the Works department but Lae City Authority (LCA) as the custodian by law under leadership of MP John Rosso was assisting for the benefit of the users.
Calistus acknowledge Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu that allocated K10 million in 2018 to be utilised for such purposes which the K499,000 was subtracted to engage Lufay Construction and Services to fix the section.
The cemented section at the junction of Malaita Street and Morobe Avenue at Sawdust Market Papuan Compound was opened for use yesterday.
The Citos Street will also be cemented.
“The work is continuing at current with cementing of Karuka and Kapiak Streets to satisfy Rosso’s determination to cement all feeder roads and streets for a better image of the city including street lights and other basic infrastructures” Calistus said.
Ward 1 community chairman Peter Wai commended Rosso for restoring the image of city suburbs and settlements that caters most population.
“Suburbs and settlements are the sanctuary of most taxpayers and it is benefiting for Rosso and Saonu to work together in relieving some of basic needs for the people is well appreciated with our hearts” Wai said.
He said apt roads, lights, water and sanitation were common human desires in suburbs and settlements which Rosso was tackling one at time based on funding which people should appreciate and take care to benefit themselves.