Authority’s conduct disappointing


I AM disgusted with how the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) handled the election process of the Kurumbukari women’s association recently.
According to information I gathered at Kurumbukari, there was no election conducted to the instituting of the new executive members of the association but deferred to a later date.
Another information I gathered was that the copies of the meeting minutes of this particular meeting facilitated by officers of MRA was not distributed to the women who participated in this meeting.
What is going on with officers of MRA, especially those that were assigned to facilitate this election process?
They were tasked to assist landowners in identifying potential solutions on any issues emanating from the impacts of mining and other potential threats, risks and challenges that may affect the landowners.
But to this date, I have seen no visible sign of their input to elevate status of our womenfolk and men.
Can the officers of MRA please explain to us and other interested stakeholders whether there will be an election or if not provide reasons as to why there would be no election.
Can they explain to the local people the circumstances surrounding the current executive’s position and whether or not the current executives are legally occupying official positions of the Kurumbukari women’s association?
There are procedures, protocols and policies in place that direct officers from performing their duties and these are explicitly stipulated in their duty statements.
And one of their role is to ensure that information on election matters and any other matters that may be of interest to landowners should be transparently conveyed to them and other stakeholders.
I made numerous calls to the MRA office for their feedback on this issue but their phones seem to be out of service.
Please MRA can you shed some light on this issue.

John Mangua Yoga,

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