Award contracts on merit


CORRUPTION in the way deals are made, contracts are awarded or economic operations are carried out leads to monopolies or oligopolies in the economy of our country.
Business owners (foreign/local) who are using their connections or money to bribe government officials are manipulating policies and market mechanisms to ensure they are the sole provider of goods or services in the market.
Monopolists do not have to compete against alternative providers.
They keep their prices high and are not compelled to improve the quality of goods and services they provide.
Embedded in those high prices are also the illegal costs of the corrupt transactions that were necessary to create such a monopoly.
The Government should take precise actions and measures to ensure that services provided should be proportional to the funding released for specific development projects.
Proper project reports are to be submitted containing facts and figures, financial breakdown, acquittals and should be made know not only to department heads but also to the 8 million people of PNG.
That’s how we will maintain transparency and accountability in all levels of government in the country.
New infrastructures that cost millions of kina are now deteriorating and devaluing because of cheap materials used.
Some of our new roads have been poorly constructed and are now being eroded by rain water.
On the other hand, some contractors cannot even complete their projects leaving unfinished work behind.
These are millions of kina worth projects.
There are more examples that needs consideration by respective government departments.
This is an issue that is silently affecting this country inclusive of the people and the progressive infrastructure development of this country.
Strategising on preventive measures is paramount to minimise and neutralise such corrupt practices.
The Government should ensure that projects should be done according to the standards required and should closely monitor all newly funded projects making sure that quality work is done.
Stop nepotism!
Award contracts by merit to contractors and companies that can do quality work to bring our country to a new level.
Giving big contracts to wantoks that are inexperienced and unqualified should stop if we are really serious about taking back PNG.

Gordon Max Undi’Lipu,
Mt Hagen

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