Awareness for mill workers

Lae News, Normal


WITH the on-going cholera outbreak in Lae, food manufacturer Goodman Fielder PNG Ltd  has taken a precautionary and proactive approach to conduct cholera awareness sessions to educate its employees at its Lae site on health and safety measures to avoid the disease.
The company conducted its first awareness session at its mill site yesterday morning with employees from the flour mill, engineering department and the administration.
An afternoon session was also held for the night shift workers and another one will be held today for other departments.
National operations manager Ron Mason said the company was concerned for its employees and their family’s health and safety and has taken the step because of movement of people.
He said employees were an integral part of a company and the awareness was basically to inform them on the disease and how to look after themselves.
Mr Mason said as a full scale manufacturing company, the sessions were also important as part of safety awareness on food production.
Site safety officer Mark Andrews added that employees were also told of necessary steps they must take if they are infected and what they can do if they come across a suspected case.
Mr Andrew said: “Prevention was better than cure.”
The employees were reminded to practice proper hygiene as the only way to prevent the disease.