Awareness needed


THE underwater cable recently installed by PNG DataCo in East Sepik came without any awareness.
The people are scared to go out fishing and doing their normal daily activities as they are afraid there might be some consequences.
The locals are concerned because the ships that installed the cables came into their shoreline and carried out the work without them being informed.
The cables were installed three nautical miles out of their shoreline and they are afraid the radiation might cause the fish to leave their shores and it might also affect the people.
If there was awareness before all these, it would be great for us.
We want DataCo to come down and talk with us on this.
We’ve asked the provincial government and they are not aware of this.
They didn’t get our concern before laying the cables.
We as resource owners should benefit from this project.
The sea is our livelihood and with the cables being laid through the reefs, our fishing grounds would be affected.

Francis Hevu (Mengar ward 21 councillor) & Noel Maru (Wom ward 18 councillor)

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