Awareness needed

National, Normal

The National, Monday 15th April, 2013

 WITH the LLG elections drawing closer, it is critical to create awareness to help people vote credible leaders who can stand up to the task, East New Britain election steering committee chairman Edward Lamur says.

Speaking during a ceremony to farewell election manager Terrence Hetinu and welcome his successor Joab Voivoi last Wednesday, Lamur acknowledged the good relationship between the Electoral Commission and provincial administration over the years .

“Election is always a challenge for us in terms of key milestones that we need to achieve so that the election  is fair to everybody,” he said.

“There is also the challenge for people to make the right choices so our awareness must be uniform. If it is distorted we are not getting value for our money.

“For those who are funding awareness, it is important we do things critically because a lot more money is coming straight to districts.”

Hetinu said districts were getting K10 million each and the 18 LLGs in ENB got K500,000 each.