Awesa: Accept O’Neill as PM

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The National, Monday 09th January 2012

TRANSPORT and Works Minister Francis Awesa has called on Papua New Guineans to recognise only one prime minister in Peter O’Neill.
“This country needs to know that the prime minister is Peter O’Neill. The others are all fake. They need to come to parliament and to the National Executive Council to take control, which they did not do,” he said.
Awesa called on fellow Southern Highlands members of parliament in the Somare faction to give up and move over to the O’Neill group.
“I was in the province two weeks ago and I saw that 99% of Southern Highlanders welcomed the change,” he said.
“O’Neill is their hero.
“This government is what the people want because we can deliver services.
“Nobody wants to know about the numbers or members.
“They want to know about free education.
“They want to know about the drop in rice price because the tariffs have been dropped.
“The small people are happy about the K10,000 tax threshold because they can now save.
“They love the change.
“The people want a new government in Peter O’Neill and no others,” Awesa said.