Awesa applauds PM for retaining seat

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The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

MEMBER for Imbonggu and Minister for Works and Transport Francis Awesa has congratulated Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for retaining his seat with a landslide victory for a third consecutive term.
Awesa said the victory was not only for O’Neill but more significantly for the People’s National Congress Party that he leads.
Awesa is a member of the party.
“The people have voted for this change in leadership because of his policies on free education, free health services and better modern infrastructure developments such as the Highlands Highway and Gulf, Southern Highlands and Hela highway projects,” Awesa
“Papua New Guinea is heading for exciting times in the next five years under the leadership of O’Neill.
“I call on all independents and coalition partners to give him their full support in the new parliament so that the good policies initiated in the past eight months can continue to be implemented,”
he said.