Awesa must act with impartiality

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

THE people of Imbonggu are living without government services.
It is a thing of the past.
The “no vote, no servi­ces” strategy needs to be halted.
Voters were lured with short-term financial re­wards and the district is ex­periencing a divide-and-rule tactic.
The district has been suffering since the time of former MP Timothy Tala.
Current MP Francis Awe­sa is in his second term.
His first five years can be written off in terms of delivery of basic services and infrastructure.
Imbonggu has three local level governments – Lower Mendi, Ialibu Ba­sin and Imbonggu.
There is a perception that Lower Mendi, where the MP hails from, gets pro­jects while Ialibu Ba­sin and Imbonggu barely see any development.
Leadership should not be about favouritism or voting trend.
People need to be fairly represented and served.
I call on Awesa to de­monstrate such qualities in handling the electorate’s development af­fairs in the following:
l    Funding staff hou­sing project at Walume district headquarters;
l    Upgrading and sealing of Red Karanas to Piambil road;
l    Funding the two double-classrooms at Kaupena High School; and
l    Upgrading the Kaupena health centre to the same status as Imbonggu hospital.
These are outstanding concerns and while there has been a focus on Bui-Iebi and Yaria outposts, there are many development issues at stake.

Karilpoi Yopeari