Awesa must explain how funds were used

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

THE people of Imbonggu are still waiting our for MP Francis Awesa to deliver the much needed services he promised to deliver.
One such project is the relocation of the Mendi airport to Tigiri, a project he initiated when he was then the premier of Southern Highlands by allocating K300,000 for a feasibility study which we believe was conducted but the report must have gathered dust awaiting implementation.
We want to know when the actual work will start as some bush clearing has taken place.
The other major project he orchestrated is the piping of fresh water to Australia.
Can the people know when the project will start and whether a feasibility study has been conducted and, if so, what is the progress?
The people have a right to know as these are very important projects in our district.
The construction of the Yebi High School appears to be the
only major project the JDP&BPC is spending money on.
The MP announced that K3 million would be spent by the end of this year but has he seen the building himself?
Who is he trying to fool?
Every Imbonggu citizen knows how the building looks like.
We can see the workmanship, the quality of materials used and costs involved to predict how long it will last.
Recently, cash payments of between K30,000 and K40,000 were made to Kirene and Ponowi villages.
These villages are in Ialibu-Pangia electorate.
Is the MP telling us that we, Imbongguans, have received enough services and left-over cash be given to other districts?
The people of Imbonggu demand answers about how our DSIP funds are applied over the last three years.

Ari Yoyo Amesi
Port Moresby