Awesa owes people an explanation

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 IT is really appalling to learn that K50 million earmarked for Lae roads have gone missing and the project will not be completed on schedule. 

The disappearance of this huge sum is ridiculous. 

Works Minister Francis Awesa and his department secretary must explain how this happened. 

The minister has failed the people for not bringing this matter to light before Morobe Governor Kelly Naru brought the issue up in the media. 

The populace and taxpayers have been denied their rights to public utilities such as road maintenance in Lae for a long time and many road accidents have costed lives. 

One classic case is when Chief Superintendent Nema Mondiai was nearly killed by thugs due the poor road conditions in Lae.

K50 million is a lot of money and the people of PNG need to know how these funds were used; which companies received payments, who authorised the payments, whether the companies engaged were reputable firms and whether they complied with the requirements to be awarded the contract.

I believe this matter would be swept under the carpet if Naru did not bring it up. 

Awesa, as the minister responsible, should have investigated the missing funds and incomplete projects by releasing a press statement and referred the matter to the appropriate authorities, such as the police fraud squad, the Task Force Sweep or the Ombudsman Commission. 

Because of corruption at the political and bureaucratic level, our second biggest city is now in shambles. 

The roads in Lae are in appalling conditions, the Angau Memorial Hospital has been unfit for human occupation and some of the life-saving medical supplies are non-existent. 

I challenge the minister and the government to come out and explain to the general populace of Lae as well as the people of PNG the whereabouts of this K50 million meant for development purposes. 


Nancy Gabi Molo