B’ville firms speak out

National, Normal

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

MORE than a 1,000 people gathered at Kennys Hall, in Buka town, Bou­gainville, on Wednesday to discuss growing concerns about foreign businesses entering Bougain­ville without proper clearance from authorities.
Organised by regional member and Minister for Bougainville Affairs Fi­delis Semoso, the meeting called on the ABG to improve its investment policy so that certain businesses were run by indigenous Bougainvilleans only.
Speakers at the meeting urged the Bougainville Business Association to work closely with the Bougainville administration and leaders to address these growing concerns.
Among resolutions passed by the meeting was a call to define who is a Bougainvillean according to the Bougainville constitution and to ensure the policy was not being manipulated.
Participants agreed to meet in four weeks to hear the response of ABG.
Commerce and trade division chief executive officer Albert Kinani called on the people to allow the administration to set policies concerning the conduct of businesses.
He said this in response to claims the Bougainville administration had failed to control the influx of foreigners wanting to do business there.