B’ville schools still waiting

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013

 ABOUT 120 elementary and primary schools in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are yet to receive their free tuition fees from the Government.

Chief executive for Bougainville education Bruno Babato said most of the schools did not get funding because account problems.

“Based on advice from the education office, the schools had changed their account type to cheque to enable them to receive the money,” Babato said.

But they still had not received the funding despite the problems being rectified.

“The second payments for this year have not been paid,” Babato confirmed.

“But since then the Government has changed the fee free tuition policy, directing that certain percentage of the second payment will be directed towards commodity.

“Unfortunately, there is no clear direction coming to Bougainville regarding the meaning of commodity policy and we are hoping the new Acting Secretary for Education Dr Tapo will clarify it.”

Babato said the Bougainville education office would like to congratulate Tapo on his appointment.

He acknowledged Tapo’s predecessor Luke Taita for his strong commitment to supporting Bougainville.

“Under Taita’s leadership, Bougainville education has made consistent progress in putting in place appropriate processes and procedures to implement transfer of powers and function,” Babato said.