B’ville should not get independence

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your reports “B’ville will be independent, says Tanis” and “Semoso elected as Tiensten’s replacement” (Jan 18).
It is a gross error for many, if not all Papua New Guineans, to think that independence for Bougainville is an isolated case.
They think Bougainville’s independence may not have any serious implications for PNG.
It is confirmed by the silence on independence of Bougainville and its implication.
People do not write or speak against it and many academics and commentators have been silent on this issue. 
Only one person is concerned about this issue and he is none other than news commentator and former editor in chief of The National, Frank Senge Kolma.
Why is there silence on Bougainville’s independence?
There are two explanations.
The first reason may be a scientific one, which may be proven empirically.
We have some evidence to suggest that some people actually want independence for Bougainville even if it is at the expense of national interest. 
This includes the NGI region and the dumping of NA deputy leader Paul Tiensten and the elevation of Fidelis Semoso is to pursue Bougainville’s independence issue at the national level. 
The elevation of Mr Semoso by NGI faction is a calculated move to advance their independence interest.
The second reason is a non-scientific explanation which may not be empirically proven, but it is my view that the people of the autonomous region are using “witchcraft and demonic powers” to pursue an independence interest. 
I have personally experienced great opposition from Bougainville since I began writing to the newspapers on Bougainville’s independence and its implication for PNG.
Not everyone in Bougainville knows me or how I look like.
They may see my name in the papers but they have not seen my face. 
Only a few people from Bougainville know me when we were together at UPNG.
But whenever I move around, anyone from Bougainville appears to know who I am. 
Sometimes I get frightened and paranoid.
Now, with Bougainville President James Tanis saying that he will go to all provinces in PNG to carry out awareness on Bougainville’s independence, I find that as a slap in the face.
During the crisis, soldiers from every province in PNG were killed while defending Bougainville to remain part of PNG. 
Don’t let them die in vain. Papua New Guineans must not be silent on Bougainville independence issue and its implication.
This island province should not be allowed to destroy PNG and its six million people.


Mamando Aiyun-Pain