B’ville teachers unhappy

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TEACHERS in Bougainville are dissatisfied with their postings for next year and are blaming the Bougainville education department.
A group of teachers, which wanted to remain anonymous, said the system was being manipulated by the Education office and teaching posts were being dished out according to preferences.
Some teachers claimed that favouritism was being practised in the office.
This also included the agency-run schools in Bougainville.
They said postings were not done according to the applications which teachers used to apply for teaching posts and promotions during the school year for the following year’s placements.
One teacher said with the applications not being followed, teachers may not perform up to standard.
“Having been ignored many times, teachers may lose their incentive to teach students,” he said.
Responding to the claims, Catholic education office secretary in Bougainville, Simon Kuraikove, said applications were thoroughly screened by the agencies.
“There is no favouritism in the office, applicants are chosen according to how suitable they maybe at getting the job done,” Mr Kuraikove said.
“Often more than one person applies for a certain position, but we select the one we think is eligible for it,” he added.
Mr Kuraikove explained the process in detail, saying that after the screening at his office, the applications are then given to the Bougainville Education Board (BEB), which determines the final outcome of each posting.
The division of education separates the applications into two folders- government and agency schools- and the board then screens the applicants for two days.
Mr Kuraikove assured the teachers that no foul play occurred during the selection process.